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New Stromberg 97 Carburetor Manual Choke 9510A

New Stromberg 97 Carburetor Manual Choke 9510A

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3 bolt base

* New, improved, early-style cast iron base with stock-size throttle shaft
* Big 97 logo, Type 1 bowl casting, pressure-cast in new dies, and CNC-machined
* New emulsion tubes
* Stock Stromberg jetting--0.045 in. main jets and a Number 65 power valve
* New air horn casting with extra meat around the float bowl lid
* New brass float, made on the original Stromberg dies
* Newly developed, no-stick S-jet inlet valve
* Modern, high-tech, reinforced cellulose/nitrile gaskets
* Stainless steel linkage instead of plated mild steel throughout
* Investment cast stainless steel throttle and accelerator pump levers
* Correct pale chromate color with iridescent highlights
* Correct black Parkerized/lacquered bases


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