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Klotz BeNOL Racing Castor Oil BC-171

Klotz BeNOL Racing Castor Oil BC-171

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1 Gallon container. Can only be shipped ground to the contiguous 48 United States and Canada only.

Klotz BeNOL racing castor oil is a high-performance lubricant designed specifically for small, high-output two-stroke engines. BeNOL differs from other Klotz two-stroke motorsports lubricants because it uses highly refined castor base stocks instead of petroleum base stocks. Castor oil is biodegradable and maintains a tenacious lubricating film on hardware, even under high temperatures and RPMs.

BeNOL's anti-wear chemistry prevents scuffing and protects bearings and piston rings. It also reduces smoke generation and mitigates carbon deposits.

This product can be used with racing motorcycles, ATV/UTVs, personal watercraft, karts, and micro sprints. It can also be used in two-stroke and four-stroke glow engines commonly found in radio-controlled aircraft.

Klotz BeNOL is intended for pre-mix only and is not suitable for oil injection systems. It is not recommended for use in ambient temperatures below 35°F. It will blend with gasoline, E-85, and alcohol.


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